Articles and Blogs

Articles and Blogs

The internet is saturated with content; in 2019, an estimated three million blogs and articles were written and uploaded every single day in the USA, and with a higher number of websites and a target audience with an increasingly short attention span, article writing can become a difficult and tedious task. However, articles and blogs continue to be a fantastic way of attracting an even larger audience in the USA, and regularly creating unique and up-to-date content, is something that should never be neglected.
Whether you’re running a business or setting up a review website, the reality is that you need content; the more content, the more traffic you’ll generate to your website. However, to write an article or a blog is the easy part, it’s harder to optimize that content so that it affords you higher rankings in a web search.
Research has shown that the average attention span of a person in the USA browsing a website or blog, is no more than a mere 9 seconds. So, you not only need to write an article, but you need to make it visually attractive and engaging enough to grip your audience and hold their attention for long enough to convey your intended message. Moreover, to make your content stand out, you need to employ Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing.
Sounds a little bit too much like complex jargon, right? If so, why not search for blog writing services that can simplify the entire process and create inspiring and relevant content and blogs for you?

Why Should you focus on blogs and articles?

With more than half of people in the USA actively engaging more with a website when it has updated content in the form blogs and articles, it’s easy to see why, as a business, your focus should be upon creating such content. 
Here are just some of the many benefits of blogs and article writing:


Basic logic states that a consumer in the USA will follow an idea if more information is provided to them, and they will be far more likely to buy your product or engage in your services. Informative articles provide consumers with a sense of security and encourage them to trust in your brand; the most convincing way of providing that information is through articles and blogs.


Google plays an undeniably huge role when it comes to traffic flow, and the higher you appear in their search results, the more likely they are to click on the link and visit your site. To make Google work in your favor, you need persuasive, creative and accurate content that is rich in keywords.


When you write an article, the consumer is interacting not just with your products and/or services, but your idea and the intention behind them. Blog writing is a great way to create a dedicated community in the USA for your brand.


Article writing gives you the freedom to use not just words but images, snippets, and GIFs to engage better with an audience; they are the ideal way to exercise your creativity and innovatively advertise your brand.

How can we help you achieve your targets?

To get the best out of article writing, you should consider seeking help from professional and expert, content and copy writers. When you choose to work with the team at CopyWriters24, we can help to bridge the gap between your audience in the USA by creating engaging and regular, high quality content for your brand.
How we achieve this can be seen below:


Reach out to our experts from anywhere in the world, not just the USA. Complete the simple form on our website and describe your requirements.


Provide us with the keywords that you wish to target, and any other additional information that might be necessary.


Our team of highly trained professionals in the USA will write an article that fulfils your every requirement.


Once the content is created, it goes through a rigorous editing process to ensure that the final product is faultless.


Our experts at Copywriters24 in the USA, will deliver the required blogs and articles in advance of the deadline, and you can always reach out to us with your valuable feedback and comments.

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