How is technology taking over the content industry?

How is technology taking over the content industry?

Something technologically new is being created or discovered every day, in every part of the world, and modern machinery and gadgets are constantly being designed and manufactured to make our lives easier. While such advances can have a negative impact upon many industries, some are benefitting hugely from technology, and none more so than the content writing industry

Changing the way people write and how their content reaches readers, technology has transformed the writing industry. Gone are the days when articles and essays were delivered to people only through newspapers, via typewriters, and they have since been replaced by computers, machine learning and artificial intelligence. With the development of different software programs and applications, new techniques and platforms have emerged to minimize the workload of the content writer.

Impact of Technology on the Content Industry

Technology has affected the content industry in some of the following ways:

Writing technology

There are now software programs that maintain a coherence between documents, with some being so well developed that they can write a whole blog or article. While these software programs can be complex, ultimately, they can save writers a lot of time. SEO standards have also evolved for copywriters and content writers.

Proofreading and Grammar

It has become easier to solve grammatical errors with the help of technology; from the beginning, technology has helped increase the volume of work a writer can complete by saving them time spent writing on a typewriter. With further advances in technology, websites and software programs make your work error-free, saving writers a significant amount of time.

Instant Feedback

With the help of technology, geographical barriers have become obsolete, and feedback can be gained almost instantly. For writers who are dependent upon the input of peers and readers, it’s incredibly beneficial to be able to receive instant feedback and be given the ability to enhance their work immediately.


The internet has simplified and enhanced the process of researching and procuring information, and instead of spending hours going through books for a single statistic, you can now simply type your query into a search engine, and you have your answer.

Distribution channels

Through SEO and other content marketing techniques, passionate writers can help their work reach an even wider audience, without the hassle and inconvenience of searching for a publishing house or individual willing to help them build their career as a writer. Setting up a blog, writing an eBook, or sending out a newsletter is now simpler than ever before, more accessible than ever before, and a whole lot more economical. Nowadays, all writers need to do is click a button, and their content is available online for everyone to read, enjoy, or talk about.

Though it is easier to showcase your content to a global audience, the unfortunate reality is that it may also be used without credits, anywhere in the world, and while copyright laws exist, it can be quite challenging to say the least, to track the content thief.

Virtual jobs

Technology has totally reshaped content and writing industries, and with more businesses moving online, there is a growing demand for content writing services and copywriting services offered by organizations like

This new, exciting and vast field is constantly evolving and improving, and each time a new gadgets or piece of tech wizardry is introduced, the audience’s behavior changes accordingly. As a result, writers must think strategically in order to reach more people with their content, and need to be more than merely creative writers. Fluency in SEO and other software programs used to increase the engagement of the content, is expected as standard nowadays, and if your skillset isn’t up to date, you could lose out.

Connection with different demographics

One of the most notable advantages of technology has been its variety of platforms. Content writers can easily target different demographics through a range of technologically developed platforms such as email and social media, to name but a few. Furthermore, each social media platform can attract a different set of audiences.

The content industry is a rapidly growing one, with 92% of marketers and businesses reporting content as a valuable business asset. Hence, advancements in technology can be hugely beneficial.

While it wouldn’t be true to say that technology is taking over the content industry, we can certainly say that it has become a beneficial component, and is now an important element of creating effective content. Helping to add value to content and make it available for a larger audience to access, technology and content writing now go hand in hand.